M & A

The GlobalTrevo Consulting started its operations as financial advisory focused on mergers and acquisitions. Since its foundation in 2008, has been conducting these processes in an exemplary manner and creating value for its customers through structured work conducted by professionals with extensive market and negotiation knowledge.

We advised in the following industry sectors:

– Healthcare

– Logistics

– Laboratories

– Information Technology

– Ethanol Plants

We served in all sales process steps, starting with the business valuation and its comparison with other companies values in the same industry, searching for potential candidates and structuring the material for company’s analysis such as: investment summaries, confidential agreements and presentation. With a structured process, we ensure our customers greater results than if the process was done without that formality.

Merger and Acquisition process are also structured by GlobalTrevo Consulting, guaranteeing seniority at the negotiation table in operations that we are conducting. Through high experienced advisor, senior executives can focus on managing the business without losing strategic focus, reducing the natural wear of the negotiation and getting involved only in the final moments of negotiation.

In addition we ensure security in the process through confidentiality agreements with potential buyers, just to guarantee our customers financial and operational informations and to make sure these data will be use only for the specific purpose and analysis.