Business Plan

Business Plan is a roadmap essential for business success. This living document usually projects a perspective of 3-5 years ahead of the historic database and traces the route that the company intends to follow to increase their revenues, based on market expectation and economic and operational assumptions. This work is promoted through interactive and adaptive processes that require constantly updates and adjustments. A business plan with quality has accuracy, clarity and consistent statements.

GlobalTrevo Consulting, is a specialist consultancy in business valuation and business analysis, has extensive experience in elaborating and advisory services for the development of business plans. We produce projects in different markets and niches, delivering complete reports with market research, competition overview, business models and growth prospects.

Below, the main elements that GlobalTrevo develops to prepare the business plan.


Our team has a holistic approach to corporate finance due to the track record and performance in various segments, which allowed us a broad overview of the structure of business and markets. Our involvement usually extends beyond the support of an operation, for example, we work with our clients not only to assess the financial performance, but to define a long term strategy of corporate transformation, ie, we do our best to create sustained value for the clients.